3D scanning technology is widely used in medical engineering, product design, prototyping, inspection & manufacturing evaluation by all industry. alacris provides services for Three Dimensional Scanning to capture complex object utilizing most advanced professional 3D scanner. The output data by the scanning are processed to provide precise exact size & shape of the object.

3D scanners are capable of capturing data for various applications, including Healthcare, Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace, Power generation turbines, industrial plastic parts etc.

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Product Concept Phase

Industrial designers often use 3D scanning process to convert physical concept clay or form model in to virtual 3D model, which later can be manipulated in CAD software for further product development processes.

Redesigning/ Reverse Engineering

3D scanning is widely used reverse engineering method to derive manufacturing drawing data from existing part or assemblies those have undergone modifications, or to redesign existing products to fit to other modified assembly parts and not having previous drawing data.

Quality Control

Inspections of complex 3D shapes are made easy using 3d scanning to nominal CAD model comparison. using this technique very quickly deviation in size, shape and critical positions between manufactured part and base CAD model can be determined. It helps in maintaining quality manufacturing.


3d scanned point cloud data can directly utilize as input for rapid prototyping machines. The 3d point cloud can be converted to STL format that can be open in RPT software for further post processing. Archaeological preservation of models in museums.

Archaeological preservation

3d scanning is also useful to preserve artifacts and ancient masterpieces in archaeology museums.