Alacris is one of the startups that supports researchers and innovators across the globe in the product development. At alacris, we strive to use advanced technology to develop new products and offers range of services. Emphasizing on improving the product from prototyping to commercialization, reduce cost and time throughout the process of product development. By sharing our knowledge and technological skills, we provide solutions to innovators and startups in the best possible way.

With our first step, we have come up with a product – AcryloCure® light curable resin which cures in seconds. AcryloCure® is available in different variants depending upon the application area and customer requirements. We also have been manufacturing custom silicone rubber parts by compression moulding, liquid injection moulding (LSR LIM), extrusion of different grades of silicone rubber.

We also have industry base 3D scanners and printers for providing prototypes of various design and mechanical parts. Apart from that we also have our own research and development projects in the medical devices segment.